Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 18 Reflection

This week we learned about centripital force.  Centripital force is an unbalanced force that is pulling towards the center.  An object wants to keep going in the direction that it's headed but it is constantly being pulled towards the center by another force.  Thats why if you spin a yo yo around your finger and then you let it go, it will fly in the direction it wants to go. 

We demonstrated centripital force by tying up a car that moves in one direction at a constant speed to a pole that was always pulling on it.  The car wanted to go straight but it couldn't because of the string that was attached to the pole.  But when Mr. Abud cut the string, the car went in a straight direction. 

We also demonstrated this by swinging a ball with a string and letting it go.  When Mr. Abud let it go when it reached the south position, it flew west.  When he let it go in the north position, it flew east.  This demonstrated centripital force really well.

We did an experiment where we took a stopper attached to some weights and had a PVC pipe in between them and had to time a full period.  A period is one full revolution of the stopper.  We also had to measure the radius.  All these measurements were to see how fast it went each revolution.

I believe that this week went well.  I understand most of what was taught  to me.  I'm not too sure how I did on the assesment because I wasn't familiar with everything. 

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  1. Good points you made about the week. It was interesting to see how everything you learned was meaningful to you.

    Your future posts can be improved by adding even more details or insights to what happened during the week, or adding photos, video or URLs to relevant websites that connect to what we did in class. Consider writing more about what was easy for you to learn/understand, how ideas went together, or what might have made some concepts a struggle for you in all the activities we did.